Haddonfield Fine Jewelers | Custom Design
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Custom Design

Phase 1: Design Consultation

Our custom process begins with an initial consultation where we assist in putting your ideas and inspirations to paper. The ideas and plans set in this consultation will soon be directly translated into your dream piece of jewelry.

Phase 2: CAD Design

One of our jewelry designers will now sit down and sketch out designs based on your ideas. You will review these sketches and make adjustments prior to moving on to the next step. The sketch allows us to provide a price quote and time frame for completion.

Phase 3: Print Wax Model

Our skilled jewelers will create a wax model using our 3D printer, creating the prototype for your jewelry. The model is used to create a mold of your dream design. Diamonds and gems will be set into the mold to give the wearer a beautiful wax replica of the soon-to-be finished piece.

Phase 4: Casting and Finishing

One of our highly-trained Master Jewelers will cast the piece and spend days hand-setting the gems and perfecting the finish. Each piece to them is a labor of love, and the time and care given to our custom-process is reflected in every finished piece!

CAD (Computer-Assisted Design)

CAD is nothing more than the virtual creation of your custom wedding band, engagement ring, pendant, or other piece of fine jewelry. This technology-based platform allows our jewelers to preview and fine-tune the project until we reach an end result that is perfect for you!

3D Printing

Haddonfield Jewelers uses 3D printing technology to produce resin molds of the design, which are then cast in precious metal and finished by hand using traditional tools such as files, draw plates and goat-hair brushes to create the end result. The possibilities are limitless. If you can imagine it, we can create it!

Custom Design Examples

These are just a few designs that have been crafted with our amazing software. Sit down with our jewelers and bring your perfect piece to life!